Recycle Your Laptop With Us!

Seattle Laptop recycles desktop computers, and laptop for free. We attempt to repair for re-use all laptops and desktops left for recycling. We do all we can to reduce landfill waste, and toxic e-waste from going to landfills.

All recycled computers and laptops left for recycling have their hard drives wiped securely.

There is no charge for recycling laptops, and desktop computers. If you are looking to recycle your computer in Seattle, or possibly a laptop, bring it by our store at 76th and Aurora.

We do corporate recycling in Seattle. If your company has a quantity of computers that need recycled, or other e-waste you can call us at 206-784-4215 and schedule a pickup.

Computer Recycling in Seattle made easy! And safe!


Liquid on Your Laptop? Don’t Fret

If your laptop is having problems because liquid was spilled on it, we may be able to repair it. If it is still wet, immediately remove the battery, and bring it to us as quickly as possible. Having liquid spilled on a laptop may simply damage the keyboard, or nothing at all once it dries. It all depends on what kind of liquid it was, and where it went.

Repairing laptops that have had liquid short out the system board is extremely difficult, but we are able to repair about 50% of the heavily damaged laptops we get in. The odds may be slightly better than 50% but we don’t want to give unfortunate customers unrealistic expectations. The process we use to repair liquid damaged system boards is to remove the system board, and clean it thoroughly using many different solvents, and methods. In many cases we can find the component that failed, and we can then replace it. This is very difficult work, troubleshooting liquid shorted laptop system boards, but it is what we specialize in. Few companies even try to repair shorted system boards.

Broken Powerjack?

One of the most common laptop problems we see at Seattle Laptop is a broken powerjack. When you plug in your laptop’s adaptor, it connects to a small plastic and metal piece soldered to the system board. (in most cases) If the adaptor cord is pulled, while plugged into the laptop, this small plastic piece can easily be broken. For your laptop to properly connect to power, this piece (the power jack) would need to be repaired, or replaced. Most manufacturers would consider this a reason to completely replace the system board, especially since this repair can be difficult.

In most cases we can repair the damage, without our customer actually needing to purchase a new system board. This saves our customers hundreds of dollars, and time lost replacing their laptop. This repair is not easy, and the area where the power jack attaches to the system board is quite often damaged also. This damage would also need repaired, even if it means replacing the traces in the system board.

Quite often when the power jack breaks, it shorts out other components on the system board, and these will also need to be replaced. Most of our competitors that claim they “fix” power jacks do not have the equipment, tools, replacement parts, or expertise to properly fix a system board that was shorted when the power jack broke.

Macbook Air Repair

Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seatle repairs all of the different models of MacBook Air laptops. The MacBook

Air can at times be very difficult to service, and MacBook Air repairs must be performed by highly experienced technicians. Seattle Laptop specializes in MacBook Air Repairr. MacBook Air screens, keyboards, palmrests, ,mouse, hard drives, ang hinges. You name it, we can fix it. Seattle Laptop also has many MacBook Air repair parts currently in stock, and we can fix your MacBook Air fast when it is necessary.

The battery in the MacBook Air is attached to the bottom of the palmrest, and is very difficult to replace. If the battery in your MacBook Air is failing, be sure a qualified technician is called on to do the replacement.

MacBook Air screens are very difficult to replace. Unlike other laptops, the backlight for the MacBook Air is separate from the display panel. Any work done on a MacBook Air screen should be performed by a qualified technician, like the ones found at Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seattle.

We do liquid damaged MacBook Air repair. If you spilled liquid on your MacBook Air, and it doesn’t work bring it to us quickly. We will inspect it while you wait, and assess damage to determine what kind of repair it may need. Remember with liquid spills, a MacBook’s logicboard can begin to have corrosion, and they must be cleaned quickly to have the best chance for repair.

The design of the MacBlook Air is incredible. When you consider how much a MacBook Air weighs, the are surprisingly durable. From time to time they may get damaged, and the palmrest assembly or the keyboard may need to be replaced. The keyboard is attached to the palmrest and repairing a MacBook Air keyboard is not easy. The entire machine needs to be disassembled to get to the keyboard, and removing it from the palmrest to install a new one is fairly difficult and should be performed by a qualified MacBook repair technician.

If you have any questions regarding MacBook Air Repair please give us a call.

We Have a Huge Selection

We always have a huge selection of used laptops on hand to choose from, and all our equipment is sold with a warranty, and lifetime tech support.


Seattle Laptop has more used laptops for sale than anyone in Seattle by far. Our affordable, and low priced used laptops are all sold with a warranty. Please call during normal business hours for more information or availability.

Desktop Repair

We Repair Desktop Computers:For years Seattle Laptop has been repairing desktop computers. We carry a large inventory of desktop motherboards, video cards, and ram for testing purposes, and can repair just about

any desktop computer problem quickly.

Many desktops have proprietary power supplies, motherboards, and other parts. In many of these cases replacing these parts is very expensive. In many cases Seattle Laptop actually can actually repair the problem with the failed part like a damaged motherboard. Repairing a bad motherboard is far less expensive than replaceing it.

Free Desktop Consulting – If your desktop computer is having problems, you can bring it in, and at no charge we will check it out, and discuss repair options. We will plug it in, turn it on, and see what kinds of problems it is experiencing, and figure out what options would make the most sense for our customers.

We also can back up data, reload operating systems, and fix software problems.

If your desktop computer is having problems and needs repair give Seattle Laptop a call.