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News 01-01-2010 : New Business Directories – As a service to our customers who own businesses we are developing a total of 4 internet business directories. We will offer our customers instructions on how to list their businesses in our directories to help drive traffic to their websites, and to also help them with search engine rankings. The two directories we have started working on are listed below. If you own a business it may be helpful to list your business in our new directory.

Laptop Service Diary 05-28-2009 : Just after we opened we had a customer come in with a very expensive Toshiba with a bad screen. He worked on a boat, and was leaving in a few hours for Alaska. Since it was a premium laptop we were familiar with, we checked and found we had one of these special dual inverter screens in stock for this model, and told him unless we ran into difficulty it would be done in a couple hours if he checked it in for express repair. He checked it in, and in about an hour, since he was first in line for the express repair, his laptop was repaired and tested.

Laptop Service Diary 05-27-2009 : A customer came in that had broken off the plug for his speakers in his headphone jack, and wanted it repaired. It’s not like the pin was accessable, only the tip was broken, and it was waaaay in there. We were able to remove it without too much trouble, charged him $20 and made one very happy customer. It seems he knew how much it would cost to replace the headphone jack on the system board…

Mary brought in her Compaq with a dim screen, and checked it in for repair. She had her daughter with her, and wanted to talk to us about purchasing a used laptop that wasn’t too expensive. It would be for her daughter, and for her to use while her Compaq was being serviced. She chose an older Dell, and paid for it. Since we knew her new laptop was going to be used by a “youngster” we told Mary she could leave it, and we would make an image of her hard drive, and keep the image (at no cost) at the store. Now if the Windows gets corrupted, or the laptop has any other software problems, we can quickly and easily image the hard drive, and make it like new. Just in case…

Seattle Laptop’s All New Website
Daniel Wagoner:

Please enjoy the new Seattle Laptop / website. We will be constantly adding content, and inventory over the next few months, so keep checking back.

We plan on providing laptop service information found nowhere else, and will begin a laptop repair blog, and forums on specific models, to discuss their problems, and how to make the most of your laptops.

Seattle Laptop Congratulates America
Daniel Wagoner:

“Congratulations America. We have just witnessed your finest hour”.

Thomas Friedman:
“And so it came to pass that on Nov. 4, 2008, shortly after 11 p.m. Eastern time, the American Civil War ended, as a black man — Barack Hussein Obama — won enough electoral votes to become president of the United States”.

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