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Corporate Computer and Laptop Recycling

All recycled laptops left for recycling have their hard drives wiped securely and completely.

There is no charge for recycling laptops, and also desktop computers. If you are trying to recycle your laptop in Seattle, bring it by our store at 76th and Aurora in North Seattle.

We do corporate computer and laptop recycling in Seattle. If your company has a quantity of computers or laptops that need recycled, or other kinds of e-waste, such as servers, you can call us at 206-784-4215 and schedule a pickup.

Laptop Recycling in Seattle made easy! And safe! Laptop data destruction guaranteed!

Hundreds of Screens

Accidents happen. If you broke your laptop’s screen, and need someone to replace it, please bring it in to Seattle Laptop. We carry hundreds of screens in stock, and can offer great prices on new screens, and also have grade “B” screens available. Grade “B” screens are new, or used screens that may have a scratch, or some other type of defect, and cost less than new screens. Sometimes, depending on the screen, a lot less. If a customer needs a screen, and can’t afford a brand new one, we may have a used, or grade “B” screen we can install for less. All screens come with at least a 30 day warranty.

Want to Make Some Extra Cash?

If you have a machine you would like to sell, or would like a repair quote, please fill out the service ticket form below. When the ticket is submitted you will be taken to a part of our system where you can fill in the model number, machine type, serial number, and general condition of your laptop, desktop, or MacBook. We will quickly contact you with a purchase or repair quote.

Save Money

Buying a refurbished computer is a great way to save money, and we have plenty of them! 

At this time Seattle Laptop has in stock over 200 used computers for sale. For many of these models we have 10 to 50 pieces to sell. If your organization needs two, three, or twenty five identical or similar used desktops let us know, and we can get them ready for you. All of our used computers have a warranty, and are sold with legitimate software. Seattle Laptop is a “Registered Microsoft Refurbisher” and we are able to load legitimate copies on Windows 10 Home Premium on our used computers, and provide an operating system cd and license to a buyer. Many of our used computers contain a recovery partition and they may be loaded with Windows 7 Home, or Windows 7 Pro.